Extended CPI workshop in Monterrey

Extended CPI workshop in Monterrey

Monterrey, 9 th of August, 2018


UN-Habitat Mexico organized a workshop in Monterrey with key stakeholders from academic circles, government, civil society, and private sector in order to complete the calculation of the extended version of the City Prosperity Index (CPI) for the urban agglomeration of Monterrey.

During the workshop, in a collaborative exercise, the participants located the data collected from the CPI in order to link "what" with "where" based on the perception of current dynamics, for later finish with a conceptual exercise where future solutions were proposed from a multisectoral, integrated and metropolitan perspective.

During the course of this day in Monterrey, the participants found out that there are deficiencies in metropolitan governance, pointing out the need to reach institutional agreements to address the identified problems of the metropolitan areas.

Other needs identified were related with the mobility of the urban agglomeration of Monterrey, considered “inefficient”, pointing the importance to advocate, articulate, and strengthen non-motorized flows.

Equally significant were the environmental concerns; in particular, the air quality and the water cycle in the metropolitan areas, which were pointed out as problems that require an integral intervention.

The opening session was led by  the coordinator of the UN-Habitat office for Mexico and Cuba, highlighting the importance of the evidence to make decisions, as well as to generate spaces for dialogue to understand the needs of the city from the collective intelligence. In particular, remarks focused on essential components for cities to exercise their role as a carrier of opportunities and inclusions, aligned with the goals of the global agendas.

Ricardo Canavati, a delegate of Infonavit in Nuevo León, also attended the opening session. He gave an emphasis to the value of technical collaboration with UN-Habitat to cover more than 90% of the country’s urban population and reaffirm Mexico as the country with the largest number of evaluated cities in the world, with the CPI methodology.

The CPI, is a methodology of UN-Habitat, that is currently being calculated in 305 municipalities in Mexico, including the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, thanks to the support of Infonavit within the sectoral activities led by SEDATU.

The calculation of CPI will produce the basis of evidence and intersectoral analysis that will allow the municipalities to align their policies, plans, and projects with the New Urban Agenda and the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development to improve the quality of life of their people.

Technical Collaboration between UN Habitat and Infonavit

The workshop “Metropolis of Monterrey” is the second event organized by UN-Habitat within the framework of the Extended CPI studies that are being carried out in the main agglomerations of the country: Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, thanks to the technical collaboration between UN-Habitat and Institute of National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) within the framework of activities of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial an Urban Development (Sedatu).